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1. Definitions

These terms and conditions shall represent a legally binding contract between the client or employer (the "Client") and the Royal nannies agency (the “Agency"). The verbal/written instruction by the Client to the Agency to submit suitable Candidates for contact or interview or arrangement of interviews shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions by the client. 

In these Terms and Conditions of Business and elsewhere in the Agency's literature the following bold typed words commence with capital letters they have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) "Agency" shall be Royal Recruitment s.r.o., a limited company registered in Slovakia (EU).

(b) "Client" shall be any person, parent, family member, or third party appointed by such person named on the Client Registration Form for whom the Agency has agreed to provide the Services in accordance with these Conditions.

(c) "Candidate" means a person introduced by the Agency to the Client as requested for the purposes of employment as a nanny, manny, maternity nurse, governess, personal assistant, personal trainer, house manager, babysitter or any other household staff on a temporary or a permanent basis, whether full or part-time.

(d) ’’Registration fee’’ means the initial registration fee paid before paying the full Placement fee.

(e) ’’Placement fee’’ means the full fee for placing a Candidate with a Client after the initial registration fee is paid.


2. Registration

2.1 Completion of Registration Form: All Clients and Candidates are required to complete the online Registration Form in order to be accepted as clients by the Agency. For returning clients, there is no need to resubmit the form for subsequent uses of the service; however, a new registration fee must be paid for each new search.

2.2 Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: By filling out and submitting the online registration form, clients and candidates confirm their acceptance of the Agency’s Terms & Conditions electronically. This submission constitutes a binding agreement to comply with these terms.

2.3 Access to Terms & Conditions: After registration, clients have the option to print out the Terms & Conditions for their records or access them at any time via the Agency’s website. Royal Nannies is not obligated to send these documents by email or post.


3. Interviewing

The Client needs to provide a minimum of two documents to the agency, copy of their ID/or passport as proof of identification and a proof of address such as a household bill to confirm their personal address before we arrange a personal interview with our candidates. No personal interviews are to take place before the client provides these documents to the agency and in case of overseas clients, before they settle the registration fee of 120 Euro per search for EU clients, or 200 Euro per search for clients outside the EU. Interviews can be done in person, over the phone, Zoom, Whatsapp or via Skype. Clients agree to inform the agency in writing of any interviews taking place and to reimburse reasonable traveling expenses for those Candidates who are based outside of London or based outside the country where the job will take place. The Client shall settle this directly with the Candidate at the interview stage. The Candidate must provide relevant receipts for the journey in order to be reimbursed by the Client.


4. Client's Rights & Obligations

A. The Client agrees to promptly notify the Agency, either verbally or in writing, when they intend to offer employment to one of our candidates. The Client must provide details regarding the start date, duration of the engagement, and agreed wages. The relevant "Agency fee" must be paid to the Agency in accordance with our terms and conditions for such engagements.

B. The invoice for our agency fee is generated immediately upon contract signing and must be settled within 7 working days from the invoice date or before the candidate's commencement date, whichever occurs earlier.

C. The client is required to notify Royal Nannie Agency immediately if they wish to offer employment to a candidate originally introduced by the agency, regardless of whether the candidate was initially hired by the client. This applies if the client interviewed the candidate through our agency or hired the candidate for a trial or temporary role, and subsequently approached the same candidate to offer any type of employment. The agency must be notified immediately, and the appropriate fee must be paid prior to the candidate's start date. Failure to comply will be considered an attempt to bypass the agency and will incur a penalty surcharge of 50% above the placement fee.The Client will be held accountable for bypassing the Agency if they fail to inform the Agency within 7 days of the employment offer being made. In such cases, the Client will be liable to pay the full agency fee, including a 50% penalty surcharge.

D. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the employment of the Candidate complies with all applicable employment legislation in the country of employment. The Client undertakes to be the sole employer of the Candidate.

E. Upon engagement, the Client must provide and sign a contract of employment. The Client is also responsible for the Candidate's tax and National Insurance contributions, obtaining work permits, and complying with any medical requirements or qualifications as mandated by the law. A copy of the signed contract must be emailed to the Agency within 7 days of the commencement date.

F. The Client (or an authorized representative) must provide a copy of their passport as proof of identification and a proof of address, such as a household bill, before the Agency arranges any personal interviews with candidates or before the Candidate's employment begins.

G. The client is solely responsible for evaluating the suitability of the candidate and making the decision to employ or interview the candidate. The agency serves only as an intermediary that facilitates introductions between clients and candidates; it is not responsible for the verification of details or for any inaccuracies that may appear in the candidate's portfolio, as these are provided directly by the candidate. It is the client's responsibility to confirm the accuracy of all details during interviews with the candidate. This includes verifying any references and document copies provided by the agency. The interview process should also be used by both parties to confirm the details in each other's registrations, as the agency cannot be held liable for any errors or last-minute changes in these details.

H. The Client agrees to inform the Agency if the nature of the Candidate's employment changes in any way during the first 12 months from the commencement of employment. In such cases, the Client agrees to pay an additional fee if there is an increase in working hours or days compared to the originally required terms when the Candidate was initially hired (with the originally paid fee being deducted when calculating the new fee).

I. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that the Candidate is eligible to work in the Client's country, including obtaining and covering the costs of travel expenses, such as flights, taxis, shuttles, relevant work permits, visas, immigration requirements, and any necessary medical examinations or health-related inquiries or travel insurance where applicable, before the commencement of employment.

J. If the position of employment is temporary, and the Candidate subsequently rejoins the Client at any time after the agreed period for further employment, the Client must inform the Agency and pay the relevant placement fee again. The Client is prohibited from contacting the Candidate directly for any future bookings. If the original duration of temporary employment is extended, the Client must notify the Agency and pay an additional fee.

K. Clients agree not to disclose any information regarding Candidate introductions to third parties. The personal and contact details of Candidates must be kept strictly confidential by Clients. Any breach of this undertaking that results in the employment of a Candidate by a third party will render the Client liable for the full payment of the Agency's placement fee.

L. The Client is responsible for paying the Candidate the agreed-upon salary for any trial hours requested to assess the Candidate's suitability. Current market salary guidelines can be found on our website.

M. The Client is responsible for providing one return flight ticket per year for the Candidate (typically from the Candidate's home country to the country of employment and back).

N. Accommodation Responsibility: The Client is responsible for ensuring that the childcarer is provided with appropriate and hygienic living conditions. These conditions should include a clean and well-organized living space, a comfortable sleeping arrangement, and the provision of clean bedding, towels, and other necessary amenities for the nanny.

O. The client agrees not to request any personal contact details from the candidate, including but not limited to telephone numbers, email addresses, or social media profiles during their interview. Any attempt to obtain such information will be considered an effort to circumvent the agency. In the event of such a breach, a penalty of 300 Euros will be immediately charged to the client. Additionally, the agency reserves the right to terminate their search for childcare for the client and to close the position without further obligation.



5. Candidate's Rights & Obligations

A. The Candidate acknowledges that the Agency operates solely as a referral and matching service, providing Clients with information regarding potential Candidates in exchange for a placement fee.

B. The Candidate commits to providing complete, accurate, and truthful personal and contact information to the Agency, including a detailed work history with contactable references upon the agency's request. The candidate (whether a nanny, maternity nurse, or governess) is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and correctness of all information provided on their registration forms. This includes, but is not limited to, the correct spelling of their first name and surname, nationality, date of birth, qualifications, and any other relevant details. We cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided on the registration forms. Additionally, we are not authorized to make changes to the registration information. It is the candidate's responsibility to update their information promptly whenever a change is necessary.

C. The Candidate undertakes not to disclose personal contact information such as full name, phone number, email address, postal address, or any other means of direct contact to prospective Clients (parents) during the interview stage.

D. The Candidate's information will only be disclosed to Clients by a Recruitment Consultant employed by the Agency. The Agency will not release the Candidate's personal or contact information to third parties or disclose it to prospective Clients on our website without the Candidate's explicit approval. Joining the agency is free of charge, and there is no contractual obligation to remain with the agency for a specific duration. The Candidate may withdraw from the agency at any time without incurring any fees or obligations.

E. Both the Agency and the Candidate acknowledge that no employer-employee relationship exists between them.

F. The Candidate cannot work for other clients using the Royal Nannies Agency name and reputation. 

G. The candidate hereby acknowledges and agrees that by registering with the agency, they consent to the recording of all their interviews conducted as part of the hiring process. The purpose of recording these interviews is to use them for training purposes, quality assurance, and ensuring compliance with the agency’s terms and conditions. The candidate understands that these recordings may be retained, reviewed, and utilized internally by the agency to enhance service quality and adherence to protocols. The candidate confirms that they have no objection to being recorded during such interviews and that they grant the agency the right to use these recordings for the aforementioned purposes without requiring additional approvals or providing compensation.

H. The Candidate is required to promptly notify the Agency upon being offered employment, either directly or indirectly, by the Client or if the Client attempts to contact the Candidate directly without prior permission from the Agency. Additionally, if the Candidate signs a contract with the Client, she must email the signed copy to the Agency before commencing employment.

I. The Agency reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the Candidate at any time, for reasons including but not limited to unprofessional conduct, misrepresentation of the Agency's image or name, lateness, no-shows, drug or alcohol abuse, and the existence of a previous or current criminal record.

J. The Agency makes no representations or warranties to the Candidate regarding any Client. The Agency solely offers an introductory service connecting the Candidate with prospective Clients and referring their name and portfolio to suitable clients. The Agency cannot guarantee that a Candidate will be interviewed or hired by any prospective Clients, nor can it guarantee the duration of employment once hired. Any Candidate/Client interviews, police checks, CRB checks, First Aid training, or other required training shall be the responsibility and expense of the Candidate.

K. The Candidate must discuss and confirm wages (for trial, temporary, or permanent work) and all working conditions directly with the Client during the interview stage. The Candidate must request the Client to sign a Work Agreement before commencing any type of work, including trials, temporary positions, or permanent roles. The Agency cannot be held responsible for wage negotiations, loss of wages, termination of employment, or changes in working conditions resulting from work with the Client.

L. The Candidate retains the right to decline work with a particular Client and may request placement with another Client at their discretion. The Candidate releases Royal Nannies Agency, its officers, agents, employees, and affiliates from all claims, liabilities, injuries, demands, suits, actions, or causes of action arising from the actions of the Agency or the release of any information by the Agency.

M. The parties involved agree that the Agency shall not be liable to the Candidate, or any other individual, including the Candidate's family, successors, heirs, and assigns, for incidental or consequential losses, damages, or expenses arising directly or indirectly from any action or failure to act by a Client. Both parties confirm that this written agreement encompasses the entire understanding between them, with no additional representations, warranties, collateral agreements, or conditions affecting this agreement unless explicitly stated.

N. The Candidate must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement before commencing any role.

O. The Candidate acknowledges and agrees that they will not initiate employment with the Client or travel to the Client's destination unless the Agency confirms that the full fee has been paid by the Client.

P. The Candidate agrees to comply with the Agency's rules and requests, including refraining from traveling or commencing employment for the client prior to settling the Agency's fee payment, and stopping her performance of duties in the event that the client fails to make payment to the Agency within 7 working days.

R. If the nanny commences her employment or continues working for the client after being instructed by the agency to cease and withdraw from the placement immediately, (such instances occurring due to the client's failure to pay the agency fee), the agency reserves the right to demand the full payment of the fee from the candidate.

S. Limitation of Liability - The candidate understands and agrees that the agency acts solely as an intermediary, providing an introduction service between candidates and clients. Under no circumstances is the agency responsible for securing or guaranteeing employment for the candidate with any client. The agency is not liable if a client changes their mind at the last minute, decides not to proceed with hiring a candidate, or chooses to hire a different candidate for the role. Both the candidate and the client are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information provided and determining the suitability of the candidate for the role. The candidate hereby acknowledges that they cannot hold the agency responsible for any client decisions that result in the candidate not being employed.

T. Should a candidate opt to terminate the contract with one of our clients, they are required to inform the agency beforehand. In such instances, the candidate is not entitled to request any additional payments or compensation.


6. Non-Disclosure and Communication Protocol

6.1 The candidate agrees not to disclose any personal contact details or engage in direct communication with the family. This includes but is not limited to sharing passport details or any other sensitive documents.

6.2 All communication related to potential trials, arrangements, or any other matters must be conducted exclusively through the agent from Royal Nannies.

6.3 In the event that the family approaches the nanny directly and requests her details for the purpose of organizing a trial, the nanny must immediately inform the family that all arrangements should be coordinated through the agent from Royal Nannies.

6.4 Failure to adhere to this protocol may result in bypassing the agency and traveling at your own risk. It is important to note that by neglecting this step, certain safety checks on the client may not be undertaken by the agency.


7.  Agency's Rights & Obligations

A.     The Agency conducts its business as a matching service that matches and introduces suitable Candidates to work for the client with the purpose of effecting introductions between persons desiring to enter into contracts for services.

B.     The Agency endeavors to establish the suitability of any Candidate for introduction to the Client by taking up a minimum of two references from each Candidate. However, all responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of a Candidate for the engagement remains with the Client.

C.     The Agency holds no responsibility for the Client and Candidate’s employment contract, portfolio, and any matters associated with it are to be arranged between Client and Candidate.  The Agency offers a contract of employment only as a sample guide for the Client and Candidate to use.

D.     The Agency cannot be under any circumstances held responsible and excludes liability for any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, problems, costs incurred due to damage to property or theft of property, death, injuries or accidents incurred or suffered by the Client, the Clients family, servants, or the Client's assets caused directly or indirectly during employment or introduction of the Candidate allegedly arising from the acts or character of the Candidate introduced by the Agency, or, to the extent permitted by law, in respect of services provided by the Agency, even if such act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals any dishonesty.

Any losses shall be limited to the Placement Fees paid to the Agency in respect of a placement.

E.     The Agency does not offers any warranty for the Candidate's suitability, personality, character, honesty, and reliability.

F.     The Agency does not employ any of the Candidates directly or indirectly. Candidates are introduced to Clients and they will be always employed by the Client, unless the Candidate is self-employed (this only applies to child-minders or maternity nurses, a standard nanny can not be self employed). Candidates shall be under the supervision, direction and control of the Client.

G.    The Agency reserves the right to change or add to the above Terms and Conditions without prior notification, however all changes will be posted on this website. It's your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions in case there are any changes. Continuing to use the site and our services after a change has been made is your acceptance of the changes.

H. The agency is authorized to record all Zoom meetings, including those involving the client and their candidate, without prior notice. This measure is taken to uphold agency regulations. These recordings are maintained as strictly private and confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties. However, the client (family) may request access to such recordings if they wish to review the interview or share it with their spouse.

I. The Agency reserves the right to modify its fee structure or terms of business at any time without prior written notification to clients and candidates. The most recent version of the Agency's terms and conditions, as well as current agency fees, will always be made available online on the Agency's official website. Clients and candidates are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions and fees posted on the website to stay informed of any changes.


8. Fees

A. The placement fee payable will be dependent upon whether the placement of a candidate by the Agency is a Permanent or Temporary Placement, and shall be payable in accordance with the fee structure set on our website:

B. VAT will be applied to all introduction fees for placements in the EU.

C. The Agency fees are non-refundable. 

D. If a candidate introduced by the Agency is rejected (or rejects an offer of employment) by the Client, a full introduction fee will be payable if the candidate is subsequently employed by the Client at any time.

E. The invoice issued by the Agency must be settled in full prior to the Candidate commencing Engagement with the Client and in respect of overseas placements, any invoice must be settled by the Client prior to the date that the Candidate departs for such placement. In the case of Candidates for temporary positions, the Client agrees to settle any invoice prior to the commencement of the temporary placement. The Candidate will not commence employment prior to full settlement of the invoice

F. All invoices are payable to this account only:

G. In the event that an invoice issued by the agency remains outstanding for a period exceeding 14 days from the date of the invoice and the Nanny/ Childcarer has already started her employment with the client, the agency reserves the right to take the following actions:

  1. Candidate Notification: The agency shall have the right to inform the candidate, specifically the nanny, of the outstanding invoice. Upon notification, the nanny shall be required to cease performing her duties with immediate effect.

  2. Temporary Suspension: The agency acknowledges that the nanny's immediate suspension may lead to her temporary inability to work. She shall, however, be free to return to work upon the full settlement of the outstanding invoice by the client. In such cases, the compensation for the nanny's time off will be the responsibility of the client.

  3. Client Responsibility: In the event that the client fails to settle the outstanding invoice, it shall be the sole responsibility of the client to facilitate and cover all costs associated with the nanny's immediate return to her home country. 

H. Late fees will be payable on any amount not paid when due. A service fee of 50 Eur plus 5% of the late amount per month will be charged on all overdue balances under 500 Eur, or 100 Eur plus 5% of the late amount per month on all overdue balances over 500 Eur.


9. Additional Fees

A. If a client employs a member of staff who has been introduced by Royal Nannies but does not inform the Agency within 7 days, the fee payable will be subject to a 30% surcharge.

B. Where a temporary position subsequently becomes a permanent position, the Client shall be required to pay the relevant full Agency Fee for the permanent position.

C. If a Candidate employed by the Client on a temporary basis is re-employed by the Client within six calendar months of the termination of the original period of employment (whether such re-employment is on a temporary or permanent basis) then a further Agency Fee shall be payable by the Client to the Agency. Such fee shall be equal to the Agency Fee which would have been payable if the Agency had introduced the Candidate to the Client at the time of re-employment.

D. In the event that a Client does not hire a Candidate following the initial Introduction by the Agency but subsequently approaches the Candidate (not through the Agency) directly within 3 years of initial introduction offering Engagement, then the Client shall be liable to pay the agency placement fee which would have been payable if the Agency had introduced the Candidate to the Client.

E. For the purposes of attending interviews, the Client is responsible for a Candidate's reasonable traveling expenses which are properly incurred and evidenced by appropriate receipts. The Client shall settle this directly with the Candidates.


10. Offer and Acceptance of Employment

A. A verbal or written offer of employment from the client does not guarantee or create a binding commitment of employment for the candidate, nor does it confer any legal rights to employment should the client decide otherwise. The candidate remains free to continue with, or initiate, other job searches and may accept alternative employment offers at their discretion. An employment relationship between the client and the candidate is established and considered legally binding only after an employment contract has been signed by both parties.

B. Candidates are advised not to incur any expenses or make any financial commitments related to their anticipated employment, including but not limited to transportation arrangements (such as taxi, train, or airfare), vaccinations, health check-ups, criminal background checks, trainings, or purchases of personal items for the role, until a contract has been duly signed by both parties. Please wait for the formal employment contract to be signed by both parties before proceeding with any preparations that might involve financial expenditure.


11. Cancellation of Booking

A. If a Client withdraws a confirmed job offer or cancels a booked assignment before the Candidate's start date, the Client must pay a 30% cancellation fee of the placement fee to the Agency, regardless of the reason. If the fee has been paid, the Agency may refund the amount minus the 30% cancellation fee, or the client can apply the full amount as credit for their next search. Should the client cancel a confirmed booking while the Candidate is already employed, or on the day of commencement, the full agency fee remains non-refundable. Once the fee has been converted into a credit, it becomes ineligible for a refund.

B. In the event that the client utilizes the remaining credit for another search and subsequently cancels the booking, the remaining credit shall no longer be eligible for a refund. However, the outstanding amount of the credit will be retained by the agency and may be applied by the client within a 12-month period from the date of their last cancellation for any future search for permanent or temporary domestic staff, including but not limited to nannies, governesses, and maternity nurses.

C. The cancellation fee payment is due within seven working days of the invoice date. If the client cancels a confirmed booking during the Candidate's employment for any reason, the full agency fee remains non-refundable. In such cases, an additional payment equivalent to one week's salary is required to compensate the Candidate for their loss of earnings.

D. If a Candidate opts to cancel a confirmed and paid booking before or during their temporary or permanent employment, or if they are unable to perform their duties for valid reasons, the agency will provide a replacement candidate at no additional cost for the remaining paid and unused period. However, should the Client choose not to accept a replacement candidate from the agency or decide not to utilize the agency's services to find a suitable replacement, the fee remains non-refundable.

E. To qualify for a refund, the Client must submit their request for a refund in writing to within 2 weeks from the nanny's departure, including their full international bank details such as the full beneficiary name, IBAN, bank name, bank address, and Swift code. Should the request not be submitted within this time frame or if the provided bank details are incomplete or inaccurate, the fee remains non-refundable.


12. Termination of Employment

All instances of termination of employment where a replacement is claimed must be notified in writing to the Agency within three days of the termination of employment. 


13. Replacements (Temporary and Permanent)

A. If either the Candidate or the Client opts to terminate the employment within 12 weeks from its commencement, the Agency will provide replacement candidates at no additional cost. The Client is entitled to one complimentary replacement candidate. The Agency is required to present the Client with a minimum of three candidate profiles for a free replacement, utilizing the information initially provided in the Client's registration form. These profiles will be delivered within two months of notification.

B. The Agency accepts no liability and is not obliged to offer a Replacement or any refund to the extent that the Client finds the profiles unacceptable and does not want to engage any of the potential Candidates. Neither the Client nor the Agency will be able to discriminate unlawfully or breach the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 when Candidates are being selected for either an initial placement or for a replacement. The Agency will not accept the refusal of a Candidate or a Replacement Candidate on anything other than legitimate grounds.

C. The Client will only be eligible for one replacement Candidate under these Conditions and will no longer be eligible for a replacement Candidate after the first Candidate has been replaced.

 The Agency will offer replacements if the following conditions have been satisfied:

  1.  • The Client paid the full registration fee prior to the interview commencement
  2.  • The Client has paid for the placement fee in full within seven days from the invoice date and prior to the Candidate's start of employment.
  3.  • The Client has notified the Agency of the termination of employment of a candidate in writing within 7 days of termination.
  4.  • The reason for firing a candidate is in lines with the employment contract, such as serious misconduct, constant illness etc.
  5.  • The Candidate has not cancelled the engagement due to unreasonable requirements by the Client.
  6.  • The Client has not changed the employment conditions, such as working hours, location of employment and duties as originally agreed by the Candidate and Client in the contract.
  7.  • The Candidate's working and living conditions and/or the way the Client treated the Candidate were satisfactory. Royal Nannies agency's decision will be final in this respect.
  8.  • The Client was not physically or verbally aggressive towards the Candidate or Agency's representative.
  9.  • The client followed his/her legal obligations, such as registration with HMRC, paid for Candidate's taxes and NI contributions (proof must be provided- e.g. Candidate’s last pay slip ).
  10.  • The Contract was agreed without any discount. All Clients that negotiated a discounted fee are not eligible for free replacement Candidate. (10% discount for returning clients does not apply)
  11.  • Should the Candidate leave after 12 weeks of employment, the Agency will guarantee a 10% discount for finding a new Candidate should the client wish to continue the search with the Agency.

 • Please note that once the Client advises the agency to look for a replacement Candidate and then finds a new Candidate via another source, the Agency will not offer any further replacements.


14. Copyrights

Any material found within the pages of our website including text or images may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way. Permission for any other use must be obtained by contacting Royal Nannies. 


15. Legal


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Slovakia. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Slovakia.