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Nanny is usually a female, who comes to the family’s house and performs her childcare duties, or goes back to her own accommodation in the evenings. We talk about two types of nannies - daily nanny, or live in -residential nanny with a minimum of 5 years childcare experience, many of them also hold suitable childcare qualifications. Our nannies are experienced to care for children of any age, including newborns. They can be required to have sole charge of the children, where both parents are working away from home, or have shared charge, where they are required to work alongside a parent or another nanny. Nannies may also be asked to baby-sit in the evening so the parents can enjoy a night out together.  The nanny’s  babysitting services are usually paid extra and must be discussed and agreed in advance. 

For more information about nanny’s working hours or her reccommended wage, please visit one of the following sections:

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