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Live in nannies

Live-in Nannies are childcarers living with your family, or have their accommodation provided and paid for by the host family. Live in nannies provided by Royal Nannies will have a minimum of 5 years childcare experience and may also hold childcare qualifications. Most live in nannies are required to work full time, 8 - 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday. (standard working hours are 8am – 6pm). Live-in Nanny may also babysit 2-3 nights per week, which is included in her salary. Baby-sitting is normally agreed to be taken Monday-Friday. Babysitting over the weekend should be paid extra and this rate should be discussed and agreed before employment commencement.

What are the duties of a Live In Nanny?

Accomodation requirements

Live in nanny requires her own bedroom and bathroom (in some cases they may have to share the bathroom with the children). Occasionally separate accommodation is included as part of the nanny package. Nanny's room should be furnished and have a television and DVD player, a desk and good storage space. House rules should be made clear from the start and also mentioned in the nanny's contract.


The live in nanny's food is provided and paid for by the employer. The employer should detail the types of food that the family normally buys. The nanny should detail the types of food she likes to eat and if she has any special dietary requirements. The nanny is entitled to request certain foods set within a reasonable budget determined by the employer.

Live in Nanny Salary

Salary of a live in nanny will depend upon age, experience, and the duties involved. From our experience, the average rates will range from £450-£700+ gross per week for full time live in roles in London. Nanny's accomodation and food allowance is part of her weekly package. Each position is individually negotiated and more experienced live in nannies may command higher salaries. Nannies usually get paid weekly.

Holiday entitlement

Live in nannies are entitled to a minimum of 4-weeks paid holiday. National Bank holidays are given or additional payment is made. Holiday time is taken at a mutually agreed time. Some families agree holiday time using a combination of 2 weeks the Employer chooses and 2 weeks the Employee chooses. If the family requires their childminder to come on holiday with them, then this must be discussed and agreed prior to employment commencement. All travels expenses, food and nanny’s weekly wage will also need to be covered.

Employer's responsibilities

The employer needs to provide nanny’s accommodation, food and her weekly wage. The employer is responsible for paying the nannies tax and national insurance - can be arranged via