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Au Pairs in London

An au pair is a young domestic helper from another country who lives with you and provides child care service to your family.

An au pair may work up to 25 hours, or up to 35 hours a week for an Au pair plus. An au pair is a live-in member of staff, treated as a part of your family, responsible for child and home, as well as some light housework. Au pairs are generally young, new to the country and should be provided time to attend language school by their host family. An au pair must be provided with her own room and a private bathroom (may be shared with your children). For London families, travel cards for tubes and buses are generally also provided. Meals are also expected to be provided by the host family. An au pair is the most affordable form of in-home childcare, she will not have as many experience as a live in nanny, therefore they should not be given the sole charge of a child under three months old. 

Salary of an aupair

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