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Maternity nurses

Maternity nurses (also called baby nurses) are highly- trained or experienced professional with extensive newborn experience, most of them are previous nurses or midwifes. We offer our maternity services both in London and over the world. All our maternity nurses are experienced, qualified and DBS checked with amazing references available at your request. Maternity nurses care for newborn babies only and will expect to work for you for just a couple of months after you have given birth.

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Working hours



Salary of a maternity nurse

Maternity nurses are self-employed and their salaries vary according to age, experience, location and whether they are responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets. Maternity nurses usually earn between £250 (junior candidates) to £500 net per day (top notch candidates), £1000 to £3000+ net per week depending on experience, qualifications and the number of hours required. Following salaries are a guideline only:

You do get a lot of work for your money. Maternity nurses work a six-day week of 24-hour days! Maternity nurses salaries are gross and they are responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions.