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Temporary Nannies & Emergency Childcare

Temporary nannies provided by us have been CRB checked and interviewed, most of them hold childcare qualifications or have a minimum of 5 years childcare experience.

We understand that there are times you need your nanny quickly / ASAP! Perhaps your nanny is taking a vacation; or called in sick, there's an important event you need to attend, or you just need to go to work. Who will look after your little ones? We know how stressful this can be, in cases of emergency - you need a replacement temporary nanny immediately!


We cover all of the following temporary childcare staff:


  • Occasional nannies
  • On-call nannies
  • Temporary nannies
  • Emergency nannies
  • Emergency childcare
  • Maternity Nannies & Baby Nurses
  • Holiday nanny cover
  • Evening / Babysitting services
  • Wedding craches
  • Wedding nannies
  • Special Event nannies
  • Last-minute nannies


How much does a TemporaryNanny Cost?


    • Temporary nannies will charge hourly (+/- £10 per hour) or their daily charge would be of £100 - £200 per day (depending on hours required)
    • Please note you will be expected to pay double price (£20 per hour) if you make an emergency booking for public holidays such as Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter etc.
    • Agency placement fee is 40 Eur a day/ Discount applies if you request a temporary nanny for a period longer than 4 consecutive weeks


    Simply fill in the family registration form on the right hand side and we will contact you shortly.